New Solutions Empower Banks, Credit Unions, Schools and Employers to Compete and Grow in a Changing Market

YORK, Pa., April 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CampusDoor, one of the nation’s largest private student loan origination platforms, today announced that it has been accelerating new solutions into the marketplace to help clients compete in an inflationary market.

“We are thrilled to help lenders keep more students in school despite the economy’s ripple effects,” said Sara Parrish, President, CampusDoor. “Private student loans have always been a strong option for individuals whose needs exceed federal lending thresholds, or whose education could be derailed without an extra cushion. By enabling these students to increase their lifetime earning potential now, our clients are positioning themselves to become their mortgage lenders later.”

CampusDoor, which has assisted more than 2.2 million online/mobile student loan and refinance applicants, provides its technology solutions, along with call center services, to leading banks, mortgage banks, credit unions, and educational institutions. The firm has built on the ways clients can harness these resources by:

  • Offering deferred refinancing products and retail installment contracts
  • Providing specialized employer-driven solutions to improve talent retention. For example, one major corporation is offering M.B.A. loans for employees through CampusDoor, with the promise to pay them back over a short repayment period, as long as team members remain there.
  • Rolling out alternative underwriting tools to credential non-traditional borrowers, from international loan applicants to creditworthy students without a co-signer
  • Forming an exclusive partnership with Sparrow to provide an exceptionally responsive mobile/online borrowing experience for Gen Zers
  • Implementing more than 100 additional loan program offerings for new and existing clients, including CampusDoor’s Student-Loan-in-a-Box™ solution—enabling lenders to serve students without leveraging their balance sheets
  • Expanding services under new leaders Sara Parrish; Ryan Arndt, SVP, Governance and Operations; and Bryanna Hockenberry, VP, Product Leadership

About CampusDoor
CampusDoor, one of the nation’s largest third-party student and specialty loan origination shops, has processed more than $30 billion in private student loan applications, assisted more than 2.2 million borrowers and supports more than 1,400 unique loan programs. The firm is part of the Incenter family of companies that help financial service organizations optimize operations and improve performance. See

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