Nobody changed the world by solving an easy problem.

We collaborate with our clients, and each other, to tackle the toughest operational challenges while providing new, best-of-breed services for improving ROI and growing customer relationships.

During its default workflow, the client ordered and re-ordered title up to 7 times.

In 2016, Boston National introduced its End-to-End Default Title Lifecycle Management Services.

It started when one of the nation’s largest lenders sent us their title recycling workflow along with a request to recommend how to improve it. The workflow showed that title was ordered up to 7 times as a file bumped its way from modification through REO and foreclosure.

Re-imagining the default title lifecycle

We had two objectives:

  1. Eliminate the costs and delays associated with redundant, unnecessary title orders and
  2. Shorten the title turn times in order to help get non-performing assets reperforming A.S.A.P.

Solution nuts and bolts

First, we created a dedicated end-to-end default title lifecycle team of specialists who manage these files from start to finish.  Knowing the history of each file, they used title updates instead of new, full searches when possible while expediting the file through to the next stage.


This was first developed for a client with whom we already worked very closely.  We were able to implement the new workflow and help train appropriate client staff members within 4 weeks.  As for results, the average number of times title is ordered on a file that goes through foreclosure is now 3.  In addition, we have shaved an average of 2.5 days off the curative cycle.

Ai-driven, volume busting, title decisioning

New ANTIC decisioning engine uses Ai to flatten the title speed bump and produce reports in 3 seconds flat.

The path to a more efficient, less costly mortgage origination process depends on reducing the speed bumps that slow loan production.

REalSearch, the new title decisioning engine brought to market by Agents National Title Insurance Company, takes the concept of instant title to a whole new level by using artificial intelligence, applied to a much broader set of property and consumer data bases, to produce a fast look report for green-lighting loans.

Not only does REalSearch automatically generate reports in 3 seconds or less, they are based on more detailed, better credentialed information.  And if something comes up in the search that raises a flag, REalSearch tells the title specialist exactly what the issue is and, in some cases, takes initial curative action.  For example, it will identify which John Smith in the property locale is the right John Smith – saving the specialist hours of tedious record searching.

The timing of REalSearch couldn’t be more critical as loan volumes continue to clog pipelines.  REalSearch quickly integrates with current workflow platforms, at any point in the origination process.  Which means no major disruption to getting the absolute state-of-the-art title decision engine up and running.  For more information about REalSearch, please contact ANTIC COO Todd Mendolia at 949.751. 9357 or

Creating a new student loan marketplace

Incenter Mortgage Advisors and CampusDoor team up to create a new student loan market for non-bank lenders and investors.

The $140 billion, private student lending industry is a relatively fast and easy way for lenders to create a new revenue stream by providing a much needed product to parents with college-bound children. 

However, because there is no secondary market for these loans, non-bank lenders and private investment firms have been relegated to the student lending sidelines.  Until now.

IMA and CampusDoor recently teamed up to create the Student Loan in a Box — a new offering that enables non-bank lenders to offer student loans and refinances to customers while giving investors access to purchasing them.

Here’s how it works:  CampusDoor sets up a lender-branded origination platform that makes it easy for students and their parents to apply for an in-school loan or refinance an existing student loan.

CampusDoor does all the application intake, processing and provides underwriting as well as the funds transfer from the investor/purchaser.   IMA, Incenter Mortgage Advisors, provides investor and servicing support.

As for revenues, lenders receive a referral fee for every loan that funds.  And investors earn their money on the spread over the life of the loan.

For more information, please contact: Steve Winnie, CEO of CampusDoor at or Tom Piercy, Managing Director of IMA at


BNT and IAM dedicated private wealth services help to ensure exceptional HNW borrower experiences.

In 2012, a private bank client came to Boston National with a concern.  They were reluctant to offer mortgages to their high net worth clients for fear an unsatisfactory experience would jeopardize their most valuable relationships.

This compelled us to create the first, fully segmented private wealth title services delivery model.  It has since become a hallmark example of our ingenuity and whatever-it-takes attitude.

And now, the high net worth appraisal

Incenter Appraisal Management (IAM), BNT’s sister company, recently introduced private wealth appraisal services to provide HNW borrowers with yet another high-touch, high-response service experience during the mortgage process.  Already gaining traction, the high net worth appraisal relies on a flexible service model that recognizes the unique needs of HNW customers and top-ranked appraisers and support professionals willing to jump through hoops for them.

The Epitome of Discretion and Professionalism

BNT’s private wealth title and settlement services and IAM’s private wealth appraisals are modeled on the same principles of discretion and professionalism.

Only the most experienced curative and closing specialists are tapped to be part of the BNT team.  And only 4% of BNT’s vast closing agent network make the cut.

IAM’s high net worth appraisals are coordinated by a team of AMC specialists who only assign seasoned appraisers, very familiar with a property’s neighborhood and vicinity, and who have demonstrated a high level of professionalism in terms of timeliness and appearance.

Both BNT private wealth closing agents and IAM private wealth appraisers receive specialized training, must be willing to sign an NDA, and be available 7 days a week.  They are rewarded with higher pay scales and steady, private wealth work in their respective locales.