AI-driven, volume-busting, title decisioning

New ANTIC decisioning engine uses AI to flatten the title speed bump and produce reports in three seconds flat.

The path to a more efficient, less costly mortgage origination process depends on reducing the speed bumps that slow loan production.

REalSearch, the new title decisioning engine brought to market by Agents National Title Insurance Company, takes the concept of instant title to a whole new level by using artificial intelligence, applied to a much broader set of property and consumer databases, to produce a fast-look report for green-lighting loans.

Not only does REalSearch automatically generate reports in three seconds or less, they are based on more detailed, better credentialed information.  And if something comes up in the search that raises a flag, REalSearch tells the title specialist exactly what the issue is and, in some cases, takes initial curative action.  For example, it will identify which John Smith in the property locale is the right John Smith —​ saving the specialist hours of tedious record searching.

The timing of REalSearch couldn’t be more critical as loan volumes continue to clog pipelines.  REalSearch quickly integrates with current workflow platforms, at any point in the origination process.  Which means no major disruption to getting the absolute state-of-the-art title decision engine up and running.  For more information about REalSearch, please contact Agents National Title COO Todd Mendolia at 949.751.9357 or