Retooling the appraisal experience for appraisers

“Dear Appraisers, we are so sorry for how AMCs treat you.” 

So began Incenter Appraisal Management’s vision for a new and different kind of appraisal management company built on a culture of respect.

The industry’s shabby treatment of appraisers is an admission that no other AMC was willing to make.  But IAM saw it as a foundational acknowledgement upon which to build a kinder, gentler, and frankly, more successful AMC. One that respects appraisers and treats them as professional partners, not commoditized labor.

Fast and cheap was not getting the job done.

The traditional AMC service model is to get valuations done as fast as possible for the lowest possible price. This is a surefire recipe for delivering low-quality reports, thrown together by appraisers overloaded with too many jobs and often unfamiliar with a property’s locale.

The right thing to do for appraisers; the right thing to do for business, too.

There are 30,000+ appraisers spread across the U.S.  How do we get the best appraisers to make IAM and our clients’ orders their top priority? Treat them with respect, give them the tools and time they need to be successful, and then pay them fairly and promptly. Here’s what that promise looks like in terms of tangible benefits:

  • IAM never puts appraisals out for price bids.
  • We assign appraisals to appraisers with the right experience in the property’s locale.
  • We give our appraisers the time to do their work properly.
  • Great communication: the #1 complaint of appraisers is miscommunication.
  • We never charge our appraisers tech usage or upload fees.
  • We pay appraisers within 24 hours of submitting a completed valuation.

As a result of respectful treatment of our appraisers, we are attracting the best of the best. And because they can rely on us for as much work as they want, knowing we’ll pay them right away, we are quickly becoming the only AMC they want to work with.

Ultimately, the real beneficiaries are our clients who now have the top appraisers in the country putting their orders first. Our reputation stock is soaring among the lender and appraiser communities.  Our employees feel great about going to work every day.  And to think, all it took was a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.