BNT and IAM dedicated private wealth services help to ensure exceptional HNW borrower experiences.

In 2012, a private bank client came to Boston National with a concern.  They were reluctant to offer mortgages to their high net worth clients for fear an unsatisfactory experience would jeopardize their most valuable relationships.

This compelled us to create the first, fully segmented, private wealth title services delivery model.  It has since become a hallmark example of our ingenuity and whatever-it-takes attitude.

And now, the high net worth appraisal

Incenter Appraisal Management (IAM), BNT’s sister company, recently introduced private wealth appraisal services to provide HNW borrowers with yet another high-touch, high-response service experience during the mortgage process.  Already gaining traction, the high net worth appraisal relies on a flexible service model that recognizes the unique needs of HNW customers and top-ranked appraisers and support professionals willing to jump through hoops for them.

The Epitome of Discretion and Professionalism

BNT’s private wealth title and settlement services and IAM’s private wealth appraisals are modeled on the same principles of discretion and professionalism.

Only the most experienced curative and closing specialists are tapped to be part of the BNT team.  And only four percent of BNT’s vast closing agent network make the cut.

IAM’s high net worth appraisals are coordinated by a team of AMC specialists who only assign seasoned appraisers, very familiar with a property’s neighborhood and vicinity, and who have demonstrated a high level of professionalism in terms of timeliness and appearance.

Both BNT private wealth closing agents and IAM private wealth appraisers receive specialized training, must be willing to sign an NDA, and must be available seven days a week.  They are rewarded with higher pay scales and steady, private wealth work in their respective locales.